Access Control

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Access Control

This type of access control system can be used to allow access to a limited number of employees or residents outside regular business hours, and hence provide precise information on all comings and goings.

You can count on us to propose solutions adapted to your needs and your budget. Our expertise with security systems and our approach will surely put your mind at ease!

Our ClerPass system, created by the Clercom team, allows for installing autonomous or network systems via our ClerLog application. We also install other brands of products, some of which are the most popular in the industry.

Another practical application for access control systems is eliminating keys in circulation and the need to manage them. Each employee has his or her card giving him or her access to certain sectors according to specific timeframes. All changes can be made instantly by the system administrator.

One of the essential advantages of a control access system is the possibility to document and report system activities. This lets you analyze the circulation within your facilities and improve your security and efficiency.

We are certified distributors for most manufacturers of the most popular products on the market today.

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