Anti-Aggression Alarm

alarme anti agression


Our branded Agress-Alerte is an anti-aggression alarm system explicitly designed to protect staff members in health centers, psychiatric clinics, detention centers, and alcohol and drug rehab centers.

This anti-aggression alarm allows staff members to go about their daily activities safely.

In educational institutions, colleges, or schools, the anti-aggression alarm system can be installed in the classrooms or critical zones or integrated with the establishment’s intercom or the public address system to ensure personnel safety.

A simple push of a small transmitter button will trigger an alert on the loudspeakers indicating the exact whereabouts of the person in trouble.

Whether you’re looking for a basic security system or something more elaborate, Clercom security systems experts will be happy to counsel you and guide you towards the best solution to your safety problem.

We are present in many health establishments throughout Quebec and have been for several years.

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