Clerlog Software

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Clerlog Software

Our Clerlog software is an advanced-technology multi-use platform, that can link our security systems together, such as our nurse call, wander control, access control, panic button, camera surveillance and real-time tracking systems.

This security innovation was created by our team of professionals in order to ensure optimal control of our different technologies and the safety of both employees and residents.

The Clerlog software can serve to locate a resident within the establishment in real-time and can remotely control the access to doors as well as visualize the status of a door.


Our software lets you archive events, which can then be used to produce reports or generate statistics.

We can visualize the history of alarms, which can then be filtered according to search criteria in order to provide information on the type of alarm, the time, the date, and the source of the event.


Each resident can have a personalized file with photos, as well as wristband transmitters for wander control or tracking purposes.

The Clerlog software’s graphic interface is simple to use and lets you easily add or modify data.

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