Wander Control

Wander Control

Wander Control

Wander control systems are indispensable to ensure the safety of confused patients, residents, and beneficiaries.

Whether it’s to control an exit, an elevator or the entire department of a nursing home or shelter, our wander control system will let the establishment’s staff members go about their occupations without having to worry about the residents’ safety.

No other product offers the same levels of flexibility, extensibility, and ease of use for the personnel and administrators as they wander control system proposed by Clercom.

In addition to its essential functions, our wander control system proposes a wide range of options to centralize reports, integrate with other existing security systems, as well as consider other applications such as emergency personal intervention and tracking of residents and equipment within the healthcare facility.

Clercom is a leader in the wander control sector and proposes simple, affordable solutions as well as more elaborate systems providing cutting-edge technology tools.

We ensure the safety and security of residents in several hundreds of establishments throughout Quebec.

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